Copies of emails and messages that I have received from members and when all the admin and technology stuff start getting me down, I can just read some of the many kind messages and the thought of being able to change someone’s life for the better always picks me up.


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Hi Andrew

I haven’t given an update to the website for a little while now and given fresh developments I thought now was a good a time as any. I joined BFP in Feb 2021 and thanks to the wealth of information on the website, updated videos of trades, the group chat and of course the knowledge and expertise of Andrew it has helped me to achieve a green month every month since I joined. Like I have said before, its not a magic pill, you need to remain humble, listen to what’s been said and have the patience and discipline to put it into action, but if you’re prepared to do that, then the benefits are there to be reaped. So much so that I have utilized the practices and methodology to put this into practice and also trade the stock markets. This also has been a success, so much so that I’ve created a nice problem for myself in terms of which do I take on full time. This is the reason for my update. I am now in a position of taking this to ” full time trader” which was always my dream, but it was exactly that..a dream and now that dream has come true. I owe a huge amount of debt and gratitude to BFP and Andrew for providing me with the tools to shape my own future…and that is priceless. I will forever be grateful Andrew. IF YOU HAVE EVER CONSIDERED JOINING..THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR…STAY SAFE..STAY GREEN


17th August 2022


July 2022

Always nice to get private Dms from members doing well but some do touch me abit more than others and this one did from a member. I will keep his Id private as it is a bit personal but nice to know what he has learned and earned from BFP has been put to the best use.


June 2022

Hi Andrew

I decided to take the last few days off trading as I’ve been meaning to send a message for a while, but thought I’d wait until I actually had my 10th green month in a row. I joined BFP in November 2020 and after a mixture of practice mode and low stake live trades till the end of the December 2020, I decided to take the plunge at the start of the new year and start properly. It feels such a long time ago, especially with everything that’s happened around the world, but I do recall trading far too many races for many months and having really good days and weeks only to be slammed by a race with a full red stake. Those months between November and July where a mixture of red and green, good days and bad days and learning a hell of a lot. At the beginning I recall regularly getting hit on the first race of my trading plan and also recall days getting greens on the first 1 or 2 races and staying on trying to get 5 more only to be hit on the 5th and wipe out all my profits. 

I’ve been on betfair for some time and was always more of a layer than a backer, but many times previously I’ve chased reds only to get hit on bigger reds, normally within the next couple of races. We’ve all been there! For me the only way I got round this was to bet with stakes which wouldn’t negatively impact me if I lost the lot. I think the same rings true for new traders, they must only trade with the full stake they are prepared to lose that won’t negatively impact them and cause their reaction to instantly get their money back. This way when the inevitable happens, it’s easier to draw a line in the sand and come back fresh the next day. To me now a red means nothing, other than an opportunity to learn, it’s a trade and as long as I make more good trades than bad trades overall I’m in the money. If I make a poor decision or I don’t feel comfortable with an open position, I just close the trade, accept it and move forward. This is trading and you have to accept red trades, red days, red months even, it’s how you turn it around, learn from them and minimise them next time which counts and the most important thing is what you do straight away after getting one and seeing your reduced balance and when the rage has set in. I now believe and trust in the long term edge of B4P and you just need to keep on going, doing the same thing over and over again and trust in the process, but you do need to get to a certain point in order to fully understand that and the chances are it probably would have cost you money or a bank or two to get to there, by which point many have probably given up.

We all have different concentration levels and time available that we can trade, but one thing that has really stuck with me is the “do one or two and do them really well” methodology and “why trade 5 races for £20 when you can trade 1 for £100.” I like this approach it takes time to adjust and “less is more” is well and truly stuck on my office wall! I don’t set targets to encourage chasing and I don’t let bad decisions bother me either, I am fully accountable for what I do. When I look at my full set of results since I started and the patterns of greens and reds over the 18months I can see it just swings back to green in a few more trades after getting a red, you have to look at this over the long term to see that. I count scratch’s as reds on my results sheet (as they often end in a small loss for me) and hit just over 89% strike rate, if I took those scratch’s off, I’m more like 91% which I’m really pleased with. I was low 80-85% when I started. That 89% balance makes me money and also leaves plenty of room for improvement, and if I can make another 3% in the next year or two, I’d be so so pleased. I think overall I would have been happy to have taken a scratch on the 1st year of trading B4P as a whole, just to learn the process and then profit in the 2nd-3rd year, but things have worked in my favour and I’ve worked hard with myself, discipline and past experiences to turn this around. 

BFP is a finely tuned process based from your wealth of experience and I do think members have to go round the full circle and maybe several times, in order to really appreciate and fully grasp the method and style of what you do. I’ve seen so many members of your group come and go since the time I’ve joined, but there are obviously some people in the group who have put the hours, days, months, years into learning and it’s paid off. I see myself as half way through my 3 year BFP degree and I’ll come out the other end with my investment in time and my qualification earned and what I hope to be in the region of a 91%+ strike rate. That really would be amazing.

I’m human, we make mistakes, but I know for sure my mistakes are becoming less and less each month. When I make poor decisions, or misread a signal, trade the wrong horse or whatever it is, I close the trade, back in the day I would have hesitated and taken my chances, sometimes you’d win and other times you’d lose, but that it not a good trade as you well know. I feel confident in having open liabilities well into the £100’s and being confident in what I am seeing on screen, the confidence penny really has dropped in the last few months in particular and I feel so positive about my decisions and judgement and how I am reading the race. 

A message to new members and it’s nothing which hasn’t been said before, is just forget about the money and learn the process and that means plan to learn the process for many months or years. My objective, my BFP degree, is a 3 year course so I’m only half way through my journey. I think many members come and go within 3 months as they just can’t grasp the long term and want the money instantly. This is not a get rich quick program, this is a life skill you must be prepared to rigorously learn and continuously polish and adapt. Form daily habits, repeat, repeat and repeat, the reward will eventually come to those to work hard on the process and even harder on themselves.

I can only hugely thank you for building the BFP course, teaching the members the in running techniques that you actually use day in day out to make a living and having the patience to put up with everyone in the group to keep the service operating. Im looking forward to meeting my 1year profit milestone in a few years time, but I’m not going to dwell on that too much as I don’t want it to become a target, I don’t want the added pressure, I will just simply churn the trades as per normal and if it happens it will happen.

All the best


Sorry should have read “few months time” in the last sentence.


June 2022


January 2022

The New Year has started off well for members and as always its nice to get DMs from members doing well.


Its always nice to see members progress with their trading below are some messages posted in the main telegram room on the evening of 30th September 2021


Message posted by Dan in The Telegram room on Tuesday 10th August 2021


Afternoon Andrew. Just a quick message and update. I was going to give you a quick call but then thought better of it, boring you with my dribble and talking shop on a glorious sunny bank holiday….anyways 2 months live now with the stabilisers off. Still using sensible manageable stakes that I’m comfortable with. Averaging just under 2 trades per day for both months and averaging a little over £1800 pm. To be honest I don’t pay all that much attention to those figures as I’m more concentrated on following the process and if I follow that then the stats will take care of themselves.
Anyway, I won’t take any more of your time, just wanted to drop you a message and once again to say thanks for your time, knowledge and opportunity to change the way I trade. Cheers mate.


June 2021


Hi Andrew

Just wanted to thank you for the work that you’ve put into BFP which has benefitted me greatly. After being a racing fan for many years (but not an in running punter) I thought that I was a good race reader, but you have added structure and insight that I never had before.
Last month was a small green month, this one has started the same, and I expect more will follow PROVIDED I am patient and stick to your rules.

So, thanks again, it is good to be part of the BFP community.


May 2021


Hi Andrew,

I wanted to write a message of thanks for the service which you can use for the website if you so wish.

My journey started off with a personal phone call with Andrew one evening to explore the possibility of joining the service to see if it would be of any benefit to my trading. It became clear early in the conversation that this was something I needed to get involved in. Andrew’s professional yet approachable manner made the decision very easy.

Once I had joined I had instant access to a wealth of information, both technical ( in terms of how to set up my computer for what was needed) and a catalogue of trading videos, advice, support and information that has improved my trading beyond what i had expected.

All of the above is enough to get you started regardless of personal experience of trading and levels achieved but more than this, very subtly Andrew helps to install a mind set which is essential for trading. Gradually, as I familiarized myself with the BFP way of trading my effectiveness, confidence and enjoyment has grown beyond measure.

I have been with BFP for a little while now and I intend to continue using this service moving forward to help me achieve my personal goals which is to become a profitable full timer trader. However the beauty of this service is that regardless of what you wish to achieve, whether that be enjoying trading as a hobby, a weekend activity or in pursuit of a full time job there is something for everyone in this service.

Make no mistake, this isn’t a magic pill that instantly provides success. Like anything in life, you have to practice, learn and work hard to achieve your goals but there is no doubt finding the BFP service and listening to Andrew’s advice has most definitely improved what I do beyond measure and for that I can’t thank Andrew enough.



Many thanks


April 2021


Hi Andrew,

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for sharing your trading strategy with us all.

I started off matched betting, then moved to each way arbing horses between bookmakers and exchanges, and was always looking for more ways to do something similar, which led me to come across Run Like a Drains YouTube videos.

I saw his performance improving, saw your videos and was impressed at the no hype just down to business style you present.

I put on my whiteboard to join when the next training spot was open which was the end of Jan.

After purchasing it took about a week to go through all the videos before I even got to the telegram section! And that’s a good thing!

I don’t think you could teach this trading style any better.

From making it so easy to setup and use Betangel and with a discount to!

Then you’ve got a ton of videos that I keep watching over and over to help analyse and what to look out for in each situation, which is so helpful.

The daily race selection is always fun as after I’ve done mine and I want to make sure it matches up with yours!

And the telegram groups are amazing. Just seeing ‘nothing for me’ on a race helps to ease the FOMO, instead of trying to make something happen, now reassured there wasn’t anything and onto the next one.

Thanks again for providing this training and delivering an exceptional style of learning.


April 2021


Hi Andrew

After a few weeks membership of your course I just wish to express my gratitude for what you have provided and the relaxed and friendly manner of your presentation.

I have just progressed to small bets from the training mode and am seeing positive results with a few errors mixed in. I am taking it slow and steady and trying to fight my desire to find a trade rather than trading what I see. (I am improving).

Moreover it is the enjoyment of trading a live race that I appreciate the most. I do not come from a gambling background and until recently had never even watched a horse race. The knowledge you are imparting is fantastic even if it is a steep learning curve.

So thanks again

Kind regards


March 2021


Hey Andrew, Thank you very very much for taking the time out for this personal video! Your service is by a million miles the best one I ever joined. Don’t regret it for a single second.

WS December 2020


Dear Mr B,

Although you do not enjoy compliments or kind words, it really must be said, by a Gentleman such as myself, that your service is second to none. Honestly, you are the best in running trader I have met by a million miles. 
However, what really sets you apart, is that you actually want people to succeed. That is a rare quality amongst the service providers I know…no names mentioned!
Keep up the good work Andrew 

Steve December 2020


Hi Andrew,

I know it’s not much but just want you to know yet again how thankful I am for sharing your knowledge.
I feel like today was a big day for me mentally. For the first time ever, I’ve managed to do a full 4 weeks of trading with no red days and with a daily betting bank increase of 3%. My next target is to make December my first calendar month without a red day.
I’m feeling so happy with how everything is going. I’ve just reinvested some of my earnings on a new desk. I’m really looking at this as a business now and feel it was time to have a dedicated trading area which I’ll have set up to start 2021.
One thing I’ve pissed myself off with this month is that I still managed to have a “dickhead trade”. I was determined to make a serious play for the BFP Mug this month, so I wanted to beat my previous best of 73 green trades in a row to put myself in a position to win one. I managed to start the month with 52 greens and then like a twat got involved in a race I should never have got involved with since safety was a major issue. I was fortunate to get out with around a 40% loss of stake.
Still if you told me at the start of the year that come December that I would be having only one, less than 50% stake loss out of 66 races I wouldn’t believe possible.

Peter December 2020


Hi Andrew – I don’t contact you very often but thought I would send you an update. Congrats on your trade today. I didn’t get it myself – think I was put off by the short price. Anyway in October I made a profit of £1690.83 for the month. That’s from £250 total (5 x £50) Lay stakes. I only use £25 total b2l stakes. Despite not getting your trade I banked £127. 56 today – that’s from 5 or 6 trades so maybe a couple more than you will say is healthy. Not suggesting in any way I’m anything special at this btw but seem to be doing ok. Funny how two or three £20 – £30 trades can mount up though. cheers

TL November 2020


Hi Andrew, thanks for the Video of the trade on Vegas Blue from Kempton. It’s good for me to see that I traded and saw the race exactly as you did. I got involved on literally the same camera shot as you. Obviously didn’t clear over £2K like you. But I’m really happy with my £300. My biggest green. There would have been a time when I would have jumped in and laid Switch Hitter when they had a slap around the bend and would probably have ended up blowing my bank on it.

If I don’t do anything stupid this month it looks like it could well be my most profitable month. Which will make it my third month in a row where I have improved on my previous best. Everything is going in the right direction with my trading.
I record all my trades now and go back through them. Even if I’ve had a green there’s usually something I missed and can learn from. Amazing how much I must have missed beforehand. I really should have started recording and studying my trades earlier. I also write up and make notes on all my trades at the end of the day.
I’m still guilty of overtrading some days. I do trade way less than I use to and with my stakes slowly increasing, and now that I’m laying at shorter odds, the amount of trades I do is coming down.
My personal best for a green run is 73 trades. I’m currently on a run of 40 green trades (hope I don’t curse it!) so don’t think I’m not doing too much wrong (but I still doing some sloppy mistakes every now and then) Over the last hundred trades I’m trading at a 98% success rate. One of my problems was getting involved too late in the race. I’ve seemed to have stop that nonsense over the past few weeks.
I really can’t believe the position I’m in with my trading. Just over a year ago I was working overseas trying to learn to trade while desperate to get home to the Mrs & kids. Now I’m at home, I’ve cut my hours at work from 5 days down to 4 days a week. I’m making enough money through trading to cut down going into work to 3 days a week. But I’m not going to consider doing that until the Covid situation is under control, to minimise the risk of racing having to stop.
I’ll always appreciate you creating this course and sharing your knowledge online.
Thank you

Pete November 2020


Andrew is the best in running trader that I have found out there. His race selection process and the racecourse guides are incredibly useful in ascertaining which races to trade. I have been trading on and off for many years, without any real long term profitability, however using Andrew’s methods and his ongoing assistance, my trading success is now consistent. It was the best decision that I have made in my trading life by joining BFP and I can honestly heartily recommend Andrew himself and his service to others.

SS September 2020


Hi Andrew,

I was a bit nervous sending you an email telling you how well I have been doing lately. I was thinking I would curse my progress and tempt fate into making me take a massive step backwards, if I were to tell anyone how well it is going.  I knew I was stupid to be thinking like that.

Thankfully, those thoughts have proved to have been stupid. Finished a full week of UK racing yesterday, everyday was green and I had my most profitable week ever. Pretty much matched the money I earned from my job last week. I’ve taken that money out of my Betfair account and put it into the bank because I’m happy with this month’s profit already and I want to keep it. I don’t want to rush this into making it all about making money. Didn’t want to get sucked into something stupid like trying to earn more money this week than last. I’m very happy that I’ve started off this week with another green day.

I am trading at just under 95% success rate so far this month. Never get bloody sloppy and stay 100% focus and concentrated on what I am doing.

I know you say your videos and website are your weak point. I don’t really care for a slick website, with highly produced videos that don’t have any valuable content! Personally, I’m more interested in content and information. What I’ve learned from your website with you sharing your trading knowledge has changed my life….and that’s not going over the top, that’s just being honest.

I’ve still got a long way to go but I’m on the right path now. I know if I just keep patience everything will come together. It’s totally up to me, You’ve given me the knowledge to make it happen.

And don’t worry, as far as everyone else is concerned, I let them know you’re a grumpy twat!

Take care

PT June 2020


The best way I can think of to describe Back For Profit is

The Wife now says to me “Are you not trading tonight love”

When she used to say “Why are you wasting your time with that shite everyday”

GF May 2020


Afternoon Andrew

Just wanted to say what a lovely gesture you’ve made with the subs for April in such a difficult period for us all.

I joined up in December and this is by far the best way of trading the horses I’ve found. I’ve tried a lot of other methods over the years, worked hard on things but it didn’t feel like they were right for me until I found your way of trading and I must admit I love it!

I’ve kept my head down, worked hard and I’ve been slowly raising my stakes each month as I go, can only trade the weekends at the moment so not always in the rooms but following all the daily trades every day that you all do.

I do ok trading football so I’m hoping this will add and hopefully overtake my income on trading eventually. Anyway just wanted to say what a fantastic place you have here you should be very proud and I’m very happy to be part of it.

Hope to see you more in the rooms as looks like I’ll be working from home very soon.

All the best

RL March 2020