With so much bad information on the internet these days I think it is important to get an insight into who you are getting information from. This is an introduction to myself and how I operate and how I have been making a consistent living from Horse Racing for over 30 years now.

After starting out working in racing as a 16 year old boy and having a great time making some life long friends many of whom still work in the industry today, I came to the realisation in my mid twenties that I was not going to be the next champion jockey and did not want to get up at 6 am every morning and carry a muck sack on my back until I was in my sixties. While working in the yards I always enjoyed a good bet and considered myself a very shrewd judge and managed to build up a decent size betting back so decided to try my hand at being a full time punter.

No Internet back in those days! No mobile phones or websites to get information from or stats, just lots of hard work studying form, talking to contacts, travelling to the race courses and watching the gallops in the morning. I am glad to say that I earned a very good living from it for over 15 years before turning to the exchanges as one of the most important things I did learn is that the markets are constantly changing. The British Horseracing Board (BHB) change the rules every year, new regulations come in and go out and Bookmakers are constantly changing how they operate, so I had to continually adapt and find new edges to carry on making consistent profits and something that I am still doing to this day.

As the exchanges started up, more opportunities appeared and I moved away from the daily grind of travelling to the races. I could work from home with all the stats and information available to me via the internet and with my contacts accessible by mobile phone anytime and now with the opportunity to back and lay, these were and still are exciting times. I slowly moved from punting into pre-race trading and in-play trading, but always looking for new edges and I am constantly alert to the ever changing markets. The one thing that has not changed and is as true today as it was back then, is the need for patience and discipline. If you want to make good steady profits from racing or any other sport, you have to put in the hard work, be ready for things changing, edges being eroded as alternative edges appear. Always remain patient and be ready to strike when an opportunity appears.

It is not a get rich quick way to earn a living but there is and always has been good money to be earned with hard work, a bit of knowledge, patience and discipline. Having enjoyed over 30 profitable years it would be nice to pass on some of my knowledge to some others and I hope you will join me in what I hope will be another profitable 30 years.


Andrew Banthorpe

A short personal video to introduce myself.


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