Access to the Backforprofit Inplay Trading  Academy which includes all the written content and training videos to guide you each step of the way from setting up the Betangel software, to race selection, trade selection and how and when to enter and exit a trade also any updated video content during the first 3 months, access to the telegram rooms where you can ask any questions or for help and advice from other traders. I will also be available to help and advise you in either  the telegram room or via email or you can book a one to one call to ask any questions and even talk live through some races, you also get access to a second dedicated trading telegram room where I talk through what I am looking for in the upcoming races from a trading perspective, also a video race course guide covering all the UK and Irish race courses and what to look out for from a trading perspective, the BFP Race Timer, another read only telegram room where I post a daily video of my race selections and notes on anything to look out for during that afternoons racing, a further room where I post updates, plans and videos of the BFP horses and also information from Nick Bradley concerning our horses all this is just a part of the full package.

The cost of joining the mentorship program is £299.00 which gives you all of the above for a 3 month period after which time you will still have access to the basic video content for a further 9 months (subject to my discretion) however any future updates, additional videos and access to the telegram rooms, the trading room and ongoing support will only be via PayPal recurring payment of £24.99 per month which you can cancel at anytime. This is not just an online course it is a comprehensive training program with as much help provided as you need including one to one support although there is no magic button you will be required to put in a lot of work and dedication. To subscribe please use the Subscription button  below. Places will be limited each month once the limit has been reached the subscription button will be removed for the rest of that month.

Please be sure that this training program is for you and feel free to ask any questions before purchasing. This is not a get rich quick scheme, it is a comprehensive trading program designed to teach you how to trade the in-play horse racing markets and due to the digital content contained within the program once purchased No refunds will be given under any circumstances so please don`t ask.

Membership to The In-play Trading Academy is currently closed. Membership is always limited in terms of new members and total number of members as I like to be able to devote enough time to new members to be able to give them the best possible chance of success and also I am a trader that runs a service not the other way round my primary source of income has and always will come from my trading so to protect members and my own interests, numbers will always be limited.

Back For Profit In-play Trading Academy.

Membership is currently closed.

Membership is currently closed. Membership will be reopened on Thursday 21st December which is earlier than normal as many people may be off work over the festive period and may wish to use some of this time to start learning to trade, the payment button will be reapplied below, as always this will be subject to places being available and this will be for a limited time and limited number of new members. If you have any questions please email me at or use the contact page on the website.

After payment has been received you will receive a registration email for you to complete the registration process. Please check your junk email if you do not receive this. Once registration is completed your account status will be set to pending until authorized and will be updated as soon as possible, usually within 12 hours.

Please Note

Please note the joining fee gives you full access to everything for a 3 month period after which time to continue to receive access to everything the cost is £24.99 per month, should you not wish to continue with your membership after the initial 3 months or anytime thereafter, you will still have access to the basic package for a further 9 months (subject to my discretion), after which time your account will be changed to expired and you will no longer have access to any content. You will not be able to rejoin by simply reinstating your monthly subscription at some point in the future as lots of new content and changes may have taken place during this period. The only way to rejoin would be to pay a rejoining fee of £150 which includes 5 months full access after which time it will be £24.99 per month and will be on the same basis as above this is always subject to places being available.