Welcome to Back For Profit.

An in-play horse racing trading education program run by a full time professional trader with over 40 years experience in horse racing. 

After joining the program you will be given the tools to start you on your journey. You will then be shown how to use those tools and support will be available to help you along the way to making steady, safe, consistent profits. You will be required to put in effort, hard work and show patience and discipline.

A comprehensive online package of videos and explanations to give you a step by step guide to –

  • Setting up your trading software – From settings used to making servants to help execute your trades.
  • Race selection – Which races to select and how and why.
  • Trade selections – Which horses to trade and what to look for.
  • Race reading – How to read a race and signals to look for.
  • Pace Analysis – How to asses the pace of the race.
  • Price Analysis – Long term profitability is not necessarily dependant on the horse you trade but the price you trade it at.
  • Complete Racecourse Guide from a Trading perspective.
  • Execution – When to enter and exit a trade.
  • Record Keeping – Spread sheets to help you keep accurate records.

Your journey has only just started. You will then receive –

  • An invite to join The Main Telegram Room, where myself and other traders are always willing to help.
  • Regular updated videos of real trades showing entries and exits and why and when.
  • The Trading Telegram Room where I give advice each day on the upcoming races.
  • Support as I am always happy to help with any questions either via email, telegram room or you can book a one to one call and get as much one to one help as you need.
  • Guidance to help you achieve steady consistent profitable trades.

Please Note.

Many members including myself are making good three figure profits day in day out however if you are expecting to make these kind of profits within a few weeks or even a few months then this service is not for you. It is for those that want to learn how to trade safely, profitably and in a professional manner. This will require patience, discipline, hard work and studying to gain the knowledge, confidence, consistency and experience that will provide a sustainable income for many years to come. If your looking for shortcuts then this service is not for you. All those that have followed the program as set out are making consistent profits those that haven’t are not. If you want to succeed then the tools and support are available here to help you.

I am a full time trader that runs a service, my primary source of income has and always will come from my trading not the other way round.

A selection of trades that with the right race selection, identifying which horses and which trade to look for can be achieved everyday to produce regular consistent profits.

A selection of Trades

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“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” – Seneca


As with all forms of gambling, Trading on any betting exchange has risk. Using any betting exchange has the potential to create large losing positions. It is vitally important that you familiarise yourself with the rules of any market that you are committing money to.

Past performances shared within this website are not a direct indication of future performances. There is no guarantee of specific results and resources provided are for informational purposes.

When practising any new technique it is advisable to use the smallest stakes possible or practice mode until you are familiar with how it works and the risk you are taking.


Anyone using the advice provided should use their own discretion and judgement before using information or advice.

We will not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of the information and material provided or any information you receive through any other site, which you may access as a result of the information we provide you.

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